Interview with Frank MacDonell, May 28, 2016

Collection: Athens Music Project Oral History Collection

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Frank MacDonell talks about growing up in the suburbs, taking guitar lessons, forming his high school band, Aftermath, and getting his first Les Paul guitar. MacDonell working for a real estate company after graduating high school, and getting exposure to bands in Athens. He remembers being inspired by the band, Bar-B-Q Killers, deciding to quit his job and move to Athens to play music, and forming the band Magneto. He describes the atmosphere of friendly competition in the Athens music scene, releasing his first record, his first studio recording experience, and playing in various bands over the years, including Poolside, Tom Collins, and The Glands. He recalls Poolside's close encounter with stardom after being in talks with L.A. producers, and why it didn't work out. He goes into more detail about The Glands and their lead singer and songwriter, Ross Shapiro, as well as MacDonell's partnership with music engineer, David Barbe, and he describes the guitars he has owned over the years and where he bought them.






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Athens, Georgia


102 minutes


Frank MacDonell and Curtiss Pernice, “Interview with Frank MacDonell, May 28, 2016,” UGA Special Collections Libraries Oral Histories, accessed September 27, 2020,