Interview with Andrew Rieger, June 8, 2016

Collection: Athens Music Project Oral History Collection

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Andrew Rieger talks about becoming a music fan at a young age, his first band, and starting the band Elf Power when he moved to Athens, Georgia for school. He talks about choosing to do home versus in-studio recordings, collaborating briefly with Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann, and touring internationally, especially on repeated tours in Spain. Rieger describes the list he keeps of every live performance he has seen, and how it serves as a reference for other musicians. He reflects on the definition of success, managing his own label Orange Twin, and the growth of the entrepreneurial mentality in music production. He talks about collaborating with Vic Chesnutt, teaching classes for the University of Georgia Music Business Program, and compares the music distribution models in the digital age to the music exposure in the 1980s.






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Athens, Georgia


52 minutes


Andrew Rieger and Curtiss Pernice, “Interview with Andrew Rieger, June 8, 2016,” UGA Special Collections Libraries Oral Histories, accessed September 28, 2020,