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Collection: Richard B. Russell Library Oral History Documentary Collection

William R. "Bill" Shipp interviews Tom Watson Brown. Topics include Tom Watson (Brown's great-grandfather and national Populist leader), the Leo Frank case, Walter J. Brown, James F. Byrnes, Strom Thurmond, MARTA, the Watson-Brown Foundation, and the…

Collection: Richard B. Russell, Jr. Oral History Project

Interview with Harry Flood Byrd, Jr., U.S. Senator (I-Virginia). Topics include Harry F. Byrd, Sr.; Political parties--Independent; U. S. Senate Committees.

Collection: Two-Party Georgia Oral History Project

Bob Barr grew up in California. He graduated from Georgetown Law School in 1977 and worked for the CIA from 1971-1978. He moved to Georgia to pursue a law practice and became involved in Republican party politics in Cobb County in the 1980s, where he…
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