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Collection: D. W. Brooks Oral History Collection

Brian S. Wills interviews D.W. Brooks. Topics include Brooks’ involvement in fighting world hunger, the Hunger Commission, and Emory University.

Collection: Richard B. Russell Library Oral History Documentary Collection

Russell Library Director Sheryl Vogt interviews Bobby Rowan about his tenure in the Georgia Senate (1963-1974) and as a Public Service Commissioner (1989-1994). Rowan discusses his early life, including schooling, family, church attendance, and…

Collection: Reflections on Georgia Politics Oral History Collection

Bill Burson served as an aide to Senator Herman Talmadge and later to Governor Carl Sanders. In 1967, the newly elected governor, Lester Maddox, appointed Burson Director of the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services. Over the next three…

Collection: Mississippi Agriculture Oral History Collection

Mike Ellis was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1952, and grew up in Webb, Mississippi. Ellis has been in the field of agricultural sales and services for 35 years and has farmed occasionally throughout his career. Ellis has worked at many companies…
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