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Collection: Richard B. Russell Library Oral History Documentary Collection

Music promoters, Alex Cooley and Peter Conlon, along with Presidential aid, Tom Beard, talk about the development of the music scene in Atlanta. Cooley and Conlon talk about the several concerts and festivals they arranged over the years. And the…

Collection: I. Georgia Narratives

Bob Brussack interviews Seth Hendershot about Seth's involvement with the music scene in Athens in the early '90s, jazz in Athens, and Seth's experiences in the business world including founding Hendershot's Coffee Bar.

Collection: Goin' Back: Remembering UGA Oral History Collection

Anderson recalls growing up in Decatur and his early interest in sports journalism, which he initially pursued at UGA. He discusses his shifting interest toward broadcast journalism, his work as a DJ in Athens and Commerce, and his move to Nashville…
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