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Collection: I. Georgia Narratives

April King and Jake Mosley discuss their relationship, from meeting at a Drive-By Truckers show at the 40 Watt Club to their upcoming nuptials in South Carolina.

Collection: I. Georgia Narratives

Kai Reidl talks about the music scene in downtown Athens, including Hot Corner and the Slingshot Festival. He also discusses economic development, collaboration, and the community.

Collection: I. Georgia Narratives

Jacob Kennedy describes his experience as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia, including his developing interest in music and seeing shows downtown.

Collection: Goin' Back: Remembering UGA Oral History Collection

Anderson recalls growing up in Decatur and his early interest in sports journalism, which he initially pursued at UGA. He discusses his shifting interest toward broadcast journalism, his work as a DJ in Athens and Commerce, and his move to Nashville…
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