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Collection: Richard B. Russell, Jr. Oral History Project

Collection: Athens Music Project Oral History Collection

Fancher came to Athens in 1978 as a University of Georgia student majoring in journalism. Fancher has worked as an artist and has hosted art shows around Athens. Fancher was also the guitarist for the band, El Caminos. In this interview, Fancher…

Collection: Athens Music Project Oral History Collection

Deonna Mann moved to Athens, GA as a young adult and got involved in art and music. She is best known for her 1990s experimental performances with local bands. In her interview, she discusses her puppet shows, art exhibitions, and performing with…

Collection: Goin' Back: Remembering UGA Oral History Collection

Davis reflects upon artists who influenced his drawing style and his early experiences drawing for his high school newspaper and yearbook. He recalls his tenure in the Navy during World War II and attending UGA after the war, including his…
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