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Luis Narimatsu was born in the Panama Canal Zone. He began losing his vision in college as a symptom of glaucoma. After his diagnosis, Narimatsu eventually found work in the 94th Signal Company as a telephone operator. Afterward, Naritmatsu moved to Bainbridge Georgia to work in Georgia Industries for the Blind (GIB), where he is presently the Services Director. In this interview, Narimatsu talks about the challenges he faced after his initial glaucoma diagnosis, the change of career paths as a result of losing his sight, and learning to use computers with his disability, eventually working in a role with (GIB) where he teaches others. Narimatsu talks about how his visual impairment has enhanced his life and career satisfaction in that it allows him to help people with similar disabilities.





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Bainbridge, Georgia


26 minutes


Luis Narimatsu and Catherine Vanstone, “Interview with Luis Narimatsu, December 14, 2018,” UGA Special Collections Libraries Oral Histories, accessed July 3, 2020, http://russelllibraryoralhistory.org/RBRL451GLASS/RBRL451GLASS-015.