Interview with Sam Mixon, May 5, 2016

Collection: Athens Music Project Oral History Collection

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Sam Mixon talks about his early affinity for music, taking piano lessons, and teaching himself how to play drums, guitar, and the bass guitar. He remembers how working as a DJ for the local radio station and selling records in his father's store influenced him musically. He remembers how playing covers of songs shaped his experimentation with different genres of music and his understanding of what makes the structure of music. He recalls his time at the University of Georgia, during which he lived with fellow musicians and played in various bands like Flaming Chopsticks and Doo Blan Tant and his goal of creating original music. He recalls his practice space in the old Stitchcraft factory off Oconee Street, and compares the Athens music scene in the early 1980s with that of 2016. Mixon discusses the formation of the band Porn Orchard with fellow musicians Curtiss Pernice and Ted Hafer in 1986, their songwriting process, and touring with the band. He recalls the 2001 tour with his band Sunshine Fix that coincided with September 11, and memories of the aftermath of the attack. Following Porn Orchard's breakup in 1992, Mixon worked on pre-production for Vic Chestnutt's record Silver Lake, and he talks about Vic Chestnutt as a musician and songwriter. Mixon describes how playing music is like a conversation. He recalls his high school best friend, and their different experiences with songwriting.






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Athens, Georgia


135 minutes


Sam Mixon and Curtiss Pernice, “Interview with Sam Mixon, May 5, 2016,” UGA Special Collections Libraries Oral Histories, accessed September 29, 2020,